How to Do a Devotional Bible Study

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devotional bible study


Devotional Bible Study Method

There are many different ways and methods to study the Bible – you can read the whole Bible, you can study the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, thematically, topically, by character, biographically, by word, etc. In this blog post we will teach you how do a Devotional Method Bible study.

Here is how you do a Devotional Method Bible Study:

1. Pray

Before you start your Bible study, you should pray to God and ask Him to guide and help you in your Bible study.

2. Choose a Bible passage

Choose a Bible passage and read it thoroughly.

3. Meditate on the Bible verse(s)

Meditate on the Bible verse(s) you have chosen for your study. 

4. Make an application to your life

Write down how you will apply the verse(s) to your life.

5. Memorize a Bible verse

Choose a verse from your Bible passage which summarizes what you have learned from your chosen Bible passage.

6. Assess your application

Assess your application in the weeks that follow for success or failure.

7. End with prayer

You should always end your Bible study with prayer thanking God for what He has revealed to you. Ask God for helping you apply the verses and findings to your own life and to share them with other people.

The Devotional Bible Study is a method of studying the Bible which you can do on a daily basis because it doesn’t take a lot of time and it can be easily applied to your life.


devotional bible study


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