How to Do a Topical Bible Study

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topical bible study method


Topical Bible Study Method

There are many different ways and methods to study the Bible – you can read the whole Bible, you can study the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, thematically, etc. In this blog post we will teach you how do a topical Bible study. Compared to a thematic Bible study, you choose one topic which may contain several themes. There is no need to ask prepared questions but you will write down all insights you find from studying your topic. A topical Bible study takes longer than a thematic one. So please make sure you have enough time to do it.


Here is how you do a Topical Bible Study:


1. Pray

Before you start your Bible study, you should pray to God and ask Him to guide and help you in your Bible study.


2. Choose a topic

Choose a topic you are interested in. Here are some ideas for topics you can choose: obedience, repentance, grace.


3. Compile a list of words related to your topic

Create a list of words which are related to the topic you will study.


4. Search for your words in a concordance

Now look up your topic in a concordance and collect all references relating to each word.


5. Study each verse in context

Study each topical bible verses that you identified from your research, 10-20 verses is a good starting point. Always read the verses before and after each verse to get the whole context. Review unfamiliar words and look for keywords or repeated phrases.


6. Compare and group the verses

In this step you compare the verses and group them.


7. Summarize your findings

To conclude your study summarize your findings by writing down your key findings and verses from your study. If you want, you can add the verses to your list of verses to memorize.


8. End with prayer

You should always end your Bible study with prayer thanking God for what He has revealed to you. Ask God for helping you implement the lessons to your own life and to share them with other people.


The Topical Bible Study Method is ideal for you if you want to dig deeper into a certain topic from a biblical perspective and have enough time to do it.



topical bible study method


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