The REAP Bible Study Method

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REAP Bible Study Method

The REAP Bible Study Method was developed by David Platt. It is a simple method to study God’s Word.


This Bible Study Method is based on the acronym REAP.


This is how it works:


R – Read – Read your Bible passage with an open heart asking the Holy Spirit to guide you in truth.

Key questions to ask: Who is writing? Who is the audience?


E – Examine – Examine what you have read.

ObservationASK: What do I see? Underline and write it down.

Look for: Key phrases, Emphasis, Characters, Connecting words (Therefore!), Impact (what got your attention?) 

InterpretationASK: What does this mean? Look for: Context (words), Context (history, culture)


A – Apply – How will you live out what you learned?

Eight questions to ask:

1. Sin to confess? 2. Promise to claim? 3. Attitude to change? 4. Example to follow?

5. Prayer to pray? 6. Error to avoid? 7. Truth to believe? 8. Something praiseworthy?


P – Pray – Pray through the Scripture passage you have studied. 

Lasting change will only come through the power of the Holy Spirit. Through prayer God’s Word can find and work its way into our hearts. 


If you are looking for an easy Bible study method, you might consider the REAP Bible Study Method.


Download Free Graphic – REAP BIBLE STUDY METHOD



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