8 Simple Ways to Share the Gospel on Social Media

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How to Spread the Gospel on Social Media

The command to spread the gospel to all nations has become much easier nowadays since we have the Internet and most people can be reached online, mainly through Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 
I want to share how to spread God’s Word on Social Media. 

1. Share Bible Verses on Social Media

Share Bible Verses from Bible Gateway and Other Online Bible Sites

The easiest way to share Bible verses on Social Media is going to an Online Bible site such as Bible Gateway and select a Bible verse you want to share.
Then copy the Bible verse and share it on Facebook or Twitter.
In the video below you can see how to share a Bible verse on Facebook.


Share Bible Verses Using a Bible App

Another way to share Bible verses is through a Bible app like Youversion.
Watch the video below to learn how to share Bible verses using the Youversion Bible app.


Create Scripture Images in Canva and Share on Social Media

The following tutorial shows you how to create Scripture images in Canva using the Canva app on a tablet device. If you want to do it on a desktop or laptop, the steps are the same but the interface might look different. 

1. Open Canva.

create scripture image in canva  

2. Select the template you want to use. Here we use a blank Instagram post template. 

  create scripture image in canva
3. Click on the purple plus button on the left corner at the bottom of the page and then click on background. 
create scripture image in canva
4. Search for a background by entering the type of background in the search bar at the top. Here we enter the word ‘Flowers’ as we want a flower background. 
create scripture image in canva
5. Insert the background into your blank template. 
create scripture image in canva
6. Now click on the purple plus button once more and go to the text section. 
create scripture image in canva
7. Select the type of text you want. Here we select ‘Add a subheading’. 
create scripture image in canva
8. Now go to biblegateway.com and choose a Bible verse. Copy it. 
create scripture image in canva
9. Paste the Bible verse into your Canva template. Change the font type if you want by clicking on ‘Font’ at the bottom menu bar. 
create scripture image in canva
10. When you are finished with your design, you can download it by clicking on the share or download button at the top menu bar. 
create scripture image in canva
11. Select the settings you want. Click on ‘Download’ and download it to your device. Share on Social Media. 
create scripture image in canvapm

2. Share Scripture Videos

You can search for Scripture videos on YouTube and share on Social Media.
Below is an example of a Scripture video from YouTube.


3. Share Sermons

If your local church shares their sermons on Social Media, you can just reshare them on your Social Media pages.  Below is a sermon of the Harborside Church in Florida, the church I’m attending online since we have no evangelical church at our place. The Harborside Church is the partnering church of the Christian Leaders Network, a network created by the Christian Leaders Institute where I have been studying Bible and Ministry courses since 2019. 


4. Share Bible Studies

Another great way to spread the gospel is through Bible studies. There are many sites where you can find Bible studies but my favorite site is Living By Design Ministries by Sarah Koontz. Her Bible studies are not only free, but biblically based, Christ-centered, creative, and easy to follow. 

5. Share Daily Devotionals

When it comes to daily devotionals I really love the daily devotionals from Biblword and A Miracle Every Day because they speak both to your mind and heart, are encouraging and building up, and are always aligned with what the Bible says. 

6. Share Bible Teachings

I love the following Bible Teaching sites because they are all aligned with the Bible and the last two also integrate the Jewish roots of the Bible.

7. Share Bible Series and Movies

The Chosen is my first choice when it comes to Bible-based series or movies because it is best aligned with Scripture than any other Bible series or movie.

8. Share Free Bible and Ministry Courses

As a student of the Christian Leaders Institute, I can only recommend the free Bible and Ministry courses with different credentials and degrees they offer.
They offer 150+ Free Courses and Mini-Courses that open the door to:
  • Awards, Certificates, Degrees, and Minister Credentials (Lay and Clergy)
  • CLI Graduates and Credentialed Ministers In Over 190 Countries
  • 418,000+ Students in English, SpanishChineseFrenchRussian, and Ukrainian languages
  • Tuition-Free Courses Made possible by the gifts of generous Christians
  • You have no obligation to give in order to complete courses

Find Creative Ways to Share the Gospel here

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