The SOAP Bible Study Method

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soap bible study method


SOAP Bible Study Method

This Bible Study Method is based on the acronym SOAP and was created by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro.


This is how it works:


S – Scripture

Choose a Bible verse for your study.

As you read, highlight the verses, words, or phrases that attract your attention.

Write down the key verse(s) from your passage.


O – Observation

Take note of what the Bible verse says.

What do you see in the verses that you are reading?

What happened in the story or what is the theme or lesson of the passage?

Who is the audience?


A – Application

This is when God’s Word becomes personal.

What does God say to me?

How can I apply what I just read to my own personal life?

What changes or actions do I need to take?

What should I believe or confess?


P – Prayer

End your Bible study with a prayer.

Give thanks to God for what He revealed to you, ask for enabling you to obey, confess any sins and ask for forgiveness, pour out any care or anxiety, commit to walking in His word, and pray for others.


If you are looking for an easy Bible study method, you might consider the SOAP Bible Study Method. It is similar to the SOAK Bible Study Method.


Download Free Graphic – SOAP BIBLE STUDY METHOD

soap bible study method


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