Book of Ruth Creative Bible Study

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book of ruth creative bible study


Welcome to this Creative Bible Study!

Book of Ruth Creative Bible Study


The first step of this Bible study is to read and reflect on the Book of Ruth.

reading and reflecting book of ruth

The Reading and Reflecting part of the Book of Ruth Creative Bible Study has 91 pages containing the Book of Ruth story from the Bible and questions for reflection with answers.



On the next to pages of this Bible study you can write and memorize Scripture.

After the Reading and Reflection part of this Bible study a writing and memorizing part follows.

writing and memorizing book of ruth



Now you can connect with God’s Word in a creative way.

When you do creative activities such as coloring, doodling, collaging, journaling, etc., you enter into a contemplative, meditative state in which God’s Word can come into your heart and change it. You are able to immerse yourself into God’s Word and hide it in your heart. You creatively worship God. With the help of the following Book of Ruth creative faith printables you are able to meditate on the above mentioned Bible passages and creatively worship God. They are included in the Book of Ruth Creative Bible Study which contains the following printables:
  • Book of Ruth Collage – create your own collages using the finished collages as a reference.
  • Book of Ruth Bible Journaling Pages – these can be used for creating a Book of Ruth Bible Journaling Page.
  • Book of Ruth Coloring Pages – meditate on the Bible verses from the Book of Ruth while you are coloring.
  • Book of Ruth Doodle Pages – drawing scenes from the Bible helps you memorize Scriptures and meditate on them.
  • Book of Ruth Prayer Journal Page – here you can write down your prayers.
creating and meditating book of ruth


Suggestions for Creative Faith Practices

  • Color the Book of Ruth Coloring Pages
  • Complete the Book of Ruth Doodle Pages.
  • Create Book of Ruth Collages (is included in the Book of Ruth Creative Bible Study), Art Journaling Page or Mixed Media Page.
  • Create Book of Ruth Bible Journaling Pages using the Bible Journaling Printables.
  • Use the Book of Ruth Prayer Journal Page to write down who or what you are praying for.
May the Holy Spirit guide you in your creative faith practices!


In the last part of this Bible study you take action and apply what you have learned from this Bible study.

taking action and applying book of ruth

DOWNLOAD NOW Dear God, Thank you for the beautiful story of Ruth, which shows us your redeeming love. Thank you for choosing to include Ruth, a Moabite woman, in your plan of redemption and for showing us that your love is available to all people, regardless of their background or circumstances. As we reflect on this story, we pray that you would help us to trust in your provision, even in difficult circumstances. May we also show kindness and compassion to those around us, just as Boaz showed kindness to Ruth and Naomi. We pray that you would give us the faithfulness and loyalty of Ruth, and that we would be willing to follow you wherever you lead. Help us to make choices that honor you and that have lasting, positive consequences for ourselves and for others. Most of all, we thank you for the ultimate redemption that comes through Jesus Christ. Thank you for using the story of Ruth to point us toward the birth of King David and ultimately, to the birth of our Savior. May we never forget the depth of your love for us and may we always seek to live in a way that brings glory to your name. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

If you have been blessed by this Bible study, please share it with others. Many thanks. God bless you!

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