How to Do a Lectio Divina Bible Study

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lectio divina bible study method


Lectio Divina Bible Study Method

There are many different ways and methods to study the Bible – you can read the whole Bible, you can study the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, thematically, topically, by character, biographically, by word, etc. In this blog post we will teach you how do a Lectio Divina Bible study.


Lectio Divina (Latin) means “Divine Reading” and is a method of reading God’s Word, meditating on it, praying, and contemplating. This contemplative prayer method intends to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God’s word.

The roots of Lectio Divina go back to the Early Church fathers such as Origen, Ambrose, and Augustine of Hippo. In the 6th century this monastic practice was established by Benedict of Nursia and then formalized as a four-step process by the Carthusian monk Guigo II during the 12th century. Once only practiced by monks in monasteries, it has become a recommended prayer or Bible study method to the general public including laymen and laywomen.


Here is how you do a Lectio Divina Bible Study:


Lectio Divina itself consists of 4 steps which are Lectio (Read), Meditatio (Meditate), Oratio (Speak/Pray), and Contemplatio (Rest). However, it is recommended to pray before and after doing the Lectio Divina.


1. Pray

Before you start your Bible study, you should pray to God and ask Him to guide and help you in your Bible study.


2. Lectio (Read)

Select a Bible passage and read it slowly and thoughtfully multiple times. The first time, just read it and let the words sink in. When reading it a second time or several times, pay attention to what word or phrase you are drawn to.


3. Meditatio (Meditate)

Meditate on the word or phrase that stood out to you. Ponder the words and phrases. What is God saying to you through this word or phrase? Asking you? Offering you? What images and feelings come to you during your meditation? You can write down your thoughts if you want.


4. Oratio (Speak/Pray)

Slowly and prayerfully read the Bible passage again. Respond to God from within your heart. Pray to Him, thank Him, praise Him, worship Him. Listen to what God is responding to you after you are speaking/praying to Him. Let it be a conversation between you and God.


5. Contemplatio (Rest)

Sit quietly and simply rest in the peace, love, and comfort of God’s presence. Enjoy this intimate, personal contemplative time with God.


6. End with prayer

You should always end your Bible study with prayer thanking God for what He has revealed to you. Ask God for helping you apply the verses and findings to your own life and to share them with other people.


The Lectio Divina Bible Study Method is ideal for you if you want to study God’s Word in a meditative and contemplative way.



lectio divina bible study method


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