The APPLE Bible Study Method

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APPLE Bible Study Method

I heard about the APPLE Bible Study Method from Arabah Joy.


This Bible Study Method is based on the acronym APPLE.


This is how it works:


First read the passage you want to study.


A – Attributes of God – Then look for the attributes of God found in the verses you just read.

P – Promises of God – Go over the passage to find the promises God has made to His children.

P – Principles for Life – Look again at the passage and find life principles hidden in these verses.

L – Lessons Learned or Sin to Avoid – Review the passage once more and look for lessons to learn from this passage.

E – Example to Follow – Finally, ask yourself how you can follow any example found in this Bible passage.


This is a very practical method to study the Bible and dig deeper into the heart of God.


Download Free Graphic – APPLE Bible Study Method



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